Welcome, we summarise here The Farm Fund's approach to matching investors in farm land with farmers seeking investment and to managing rural assets.

Manor House Farms, the farm asset manager, set up and run Farm Funds to meet the specific requirements of investors with appropriate farm assets. Investments in farm land can thereby be made available across a range of rural assets and across a wide range of investment size.

The Farm Funds are managed directly through Manor House Farms and with specialist contractors so the investors assets will benefit from a professionally run trading business thus opening up the Inheritance Tax mitigation and other tax advantages this may bring.

Land is purchased at prices supportable by the yield from the trading businesses. The Farm Fund approach is differentiated by not being a speculative play on an asset class. The approach is to create sustainable investments supported by sustainable businesses.

UK farmers, be they owners, tenants seeking to buy out landlords or contractors have a constant need for investment in their assets and businesses. Our approach has allowed us to grow a large network of farmers with whom, when funds allow, we can review investment opportunities.

Our efficient single purpose fund structure allows us the financial headroom to manage less intensively and more sustainably than others which enhances the opportunity to produce returns ahead of cost and to reflect specific investor interests, where expressed.

Funds will farm organically or non-organically according to demand and all will be managed within sustainable long term welfare and food chain standards. We work within the aims of the Campaign for the Farmed Environment.

Farm Fund

For further investment details contact Woodside Corporate Services, or click on the link as below to download a summary on the Farm Fund prospectus.


To determine how this applies to you please see attached Eligibility Form and follow the instructions.

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