Our Management

Farm management requires resources to be allocated to both long term strategies for the land and buildings as well as year on year income growth.

We buy and manage farm assets with various contracting and ownership structures but always with a particular focus on generating sustainable income returns - year on year.

Perhaps uniquely we direct our efforts on behalf of investors to buying and managing assets that will generate sustainable income yields - year on year.

Our specialism is working with farmers and investors to create management strategies, defining capital requirements and operating systems to fit the particular requirements of each asset– year on year.

We actively pursue farm diversification with the support of local planning authorities. We have specialisms in organic conversion and in farm diversification and managing on behalf of investors and institutions.We are constantly reviewing farm business plans to structure sustainable cashflows.

Investors will benefit from the lifestyle benefits of access to the farmland and to on farm activities such as shoots and to access to accommodation, subject to each asset’s management strategy.

Understanding that land management is inherently about sustainability whether it is overtly badged so or not is key to long term performance and to creating trust between all our partners.

If there is one thing that is consistent about farming it is the unique approach of every farmer and every landowner and what drives them to do a good job – year on year.

Farm Fund Johnathan Naughton

Jonathan Naughton

Set up The Farm Fund business to match investor requirements for UK farm land with farmer’s requirements for capital and through his RICS policy work recognising the UK need for a thriving rural economy and sustainable rural communities.

Ian Read

Ian Read

Ian was a Director of Freehold Managers PLC from inception and the value of the Ground Rent owning Trust it managed is now over £150million. He is the Chairman of Citibase PLC a serviced office business that offers its customers over 1million sq ft in 50 centres nationwide.

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