Manor House Farms and The Farm Fund exist to provide and manage investment into farm businesses. We are happy to invest alongside you or to purchase and work with you.

We are focused on active and sustainable management of the farm not on speculative gains from short term trends.

We understand the impact of death, divorce and debt and just the passing of the years on farm businesses. Not every family is blessed with an inbuilt inheritance of healthy young farmers.

We work alongside the issues generated by the ”three D’s” to enable the appropriate release of equity to be managed by the current owner and for new investment to be brought in to part or all of the existing holding. We can unlock expensive debt.

As equity investors we have competitive advantages with investment in a low yielding asset like farmland.

We thereby invest alongside locally experienced and emotionally committed farmers and thereby leverage attractive returns for all parties.

Sustainable Returns

We farm within the CFE guidance and seek realistic returns from farm land. Our appraisals are based on securing land at prices per acre that will produce an annual farm income of 2.5% net of direct farming costs. Please forward your projections for the next farming year and your capital requirements if you would like to discuss how we can work with you.

Farm Fund

We are looking to invest your business!


Livestock and arable investments made to date and wanted:
£350,000 - £5M

Release part or all of your equity and still farm. Or, diversify and develop your business? Buy out your Landlord?

All opportunities considered in confidence
Contact: Jonathan on 0203 642 6974

Should you wish to discuss bringing in an investor partner, investing alongside us in other ventures, restructuring or selling outright please call Manor House Farms on 0203 642 6974

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